SwinJune Turk
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Beiteddine Festival | Metamorphosis by Kafka





What is the Beittedine Festival?
The Beiteddine Festival is one of the leading festivals in the Middle East.
It takes place in a large and magnificent 200-year old Palace in Lebanon.

The show "METAMORPHOSES" was part of an university project.
It is a sound and light show inspired by the Metamorphosis of Ovide & Kafka, and performed by ALBA University students. 

Concept and Execution - 2 main visual scenes related to metamorphosis and transformation
Concept generator and project leader: SwinJune Turk


Scene 1:
CUP CARPET - 6x6M Long

This cup carpet has been handcrafted by 12 people in 2 weeks, using 500 double colored plastic cups (white and brown). Its purpose was to show a breathing skin in transformation. 

  • The first challenge we faced was to find a sort of thread that will enable cups to stay firm and flexible in motion.

  • The second one was how to combine all the pieces together: therefore, we began by creating small versions of 1,5m. Practicality was a main issue for transportation... baring in mind the fragility, complexity, and weight of the carpet.

The main responsibilities delt with:

  1. Before the show: Handling the group work and flow, leading and handling all sorts of technical issues. Solutions were found and created to help this gigantic carpet, travel from one side of the country to another for the final show.

  2. During the show: A special choreography was created in relation with light and sound - the body movements of 10 people scrolling on the floor (under the carpet), holding it on their backs and heads brought this carpet to life. Alignment and focus were at their high level to bring the required effect of the purpose.


Work, preparation and Rehearsals


Scene 2:
PAPER MASKS (30 different items)

The idea behind these paper masks was to show the different facets of selves. 

The main responsibilities delt with were handling the group work, as well as guiding the other team members in the creation of the masks and creating a certain choreography with the masks in order to create the final show. 


Other scenes of this breathtaking show