SwinJune Turk
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Creative Intentions | Branding





The challenge was to create the brand identity of a fiction studio of graphic design in Beirut, Lebanon. 


In this project, I worked on the branding identity, creating from scratch a logo that responds to the companies values. A work on the whole corporate identity was also done, creating the business cards, headletters, enevelopes. 


The brief
Creative Intentions is a new graphic design studio based in Beirut. It offers all kinds of services related to corporate identities. The brand image needs to have a modern, creative and young tone. It targets all the agencies who want to put a new product or service into the market and that are looking for innovation. 


The logo evolution


The logo
• The C represents the C of "creative". Its form refers us to the creative spectrum, that is, something in motion, a
sort of spread. This "C" stops on an imaginary line, from which emerges the I.
• The I represents the intention, the direction, it is right, C the intention.
• These 2 letters are the initials of the name of our graphic design studio, as you see they are grouped together in one
circle: The C and I are associated, as the creation intends - we can not read C without I, as we cannot
dissociate the creation of the intention.
• Pink refers to the color of creativity and blue inspires loyalty and trust.

Creation, Intention, Loyalty, Trust, are the values hat melt the essence of our studio.

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