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What is Technogym? 
Technogym is world leader in the Fitness and Wellness solutions sector and has equipped 65,000 wellness centres and over 100,000 homes, being present in over 100 countries around the world. More than 35 million people regularly use their products.The mission of Technogym aims to improve people’s quality of life throughregular physical exercise, healthy nutrition and positive mental approach. The strategy of the company which can be summarized in the sentence “wellness on the go” is applied to any sector under the domain of Technogym core’s business: starting from product design to the medical-scientific innovation and from service design to social projects and helping environment.

The brief
Developing innovative solutions and concept scenarios, thoughtfully designed in order to enhance the customer’s experiences inside and outside the gym.


My role in this project was the one of a project leader; I worked on dividing the roles, and guiding the team. I also worked on the research, the concept generation, the creation of the logo, the interaction modalities, the wireframes and the high level UI design.


How can the gym experience be extended in time, letting people get in touch with it and with its services before their workouts, but even reminding them of their experience later? 



During this phase, we identified the company’s needs and expectations by articulating a deep research on their existing solutions and detailed aspects related to the experience of the user and to its interaction design components.

As a part of our research, we have conducted a survey on a global platform trying to collect people’s involvement and point of view on “Fitness”. We found that people’s engagement with fitness from age 35-54 is declining. We understood that this is the age gap when people are more focused with their career. They are always on the go and travel at least once a week. They have money but they do not have time.

We decided to focus our design solution on this target. After studying businessmen’s character profiles, we found that there are four major “Time Gaps” when businessmen are comparatively less engaged with their work and we can integrate wellness in their life. They are: morning; after they wake up to the time they are in office, Lunch, On the Go (For example: when they are commuting to work, travelling to a client site, etc.), Gym.



In this phase we developped 5 to 10 divergent concepts through group brainstorming. For each concept we annotated and described synthetically the supported activity, the functionality of the tools, the characteristics of the context, the involved persons, the enabling technologies. 



We selected one concept and refined it by answering to the 6 questions: who, what, where, when, why and how.

I was in charge of making some sketches and illustrating the system, worked on the information architecture, sketched wireframes and interaction flows. 

Concept generation: Cali
Cali is a cloud service and mobile app, fitness motivator and personal assistant. She syncs with your primary calendar to identify your work schedule and understands your free moments to increase your productivity and your complete well-being. 
Cali boosts your efficiency by enriching your busy day with relevant mental and fitness activities and articles that you can also decide to push onto your MyRun, at home or in the gym, giving you more freedom to manage your day. Cali adapts with you and predicts your needs. 

Along with the sketches I was also in charge of creating the logo and high level visuals/UI interface of the app in a very short time. 



We presented to the client our design solution through a storytelling and a "day in the life of a business man" method, showing how Cali will make his life easier. 
We delivered the high level screens of the app as well as a short video communicating the design solution.