SwinJune Turk
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Health Clinic | Branding





The client was opening her health clinic and requested a logo for her clinic that combined the values of sports, nutrition and healthiness, as well as business cards. 


The work first was focused on creating the right logo that responds to the values of the brand, the business card of the dietician.


The logo
This logo combines 2 elements the health with the stetoscope of a doctor and nutrition with the fork shape. Both together form a heart. This is to say that you get to a good health with a good type of nutrition, both of them curing the heart and the wellbeing of a person.

The font used is GOTHAM - as I wanted to give this both classic and modern look and feel to the brand, while having also a friendly tone, especially for a health clinic for which it's main purpose is to talk to people, understand and solve their problems. - “Friendly without being folksy”. 

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The business card