SwinJune Turk

About me

b. 1986, HK.


If you get a chance take it,

if it changes your life, let it.
— Harvey MacKay


Hello there!

I am a creative and empathetic problem solver. My colleagues call me a "hybrid designer". As a canadian-lebanese service and interaction designer with a multidisciplinary background, living in Milan, I am very passionate in improving people's lives through design. In the last few years I've been envisionning and crafting experiences from service design to digital product creation, working with different types of clients from financial services, to insurance and to retail. 

When I'm not designing or sketching, you might find me in another hidden zone of the world discovering new cultures, eating exotic meals and enjoying dazzling deserts - or even switching between the 4 languages I speak: english, french, arabic and italian. 

If you think we have common field of interest, let's chat!
Feel free to contact me by filling the form below or by directly sending me an email to swinjune.turk@hotmail.com for any inquiries, collaborations or just to say hello!